Our Day at Stepping Stones

What your child can expect

A day at Stepping Stones by a one and a half year old

Hi there! Welcome to my day at Stepping Stones.

I love coming here – when we turn up my educarer street I start getting excited. I say goodbye to my big brother and sister and rush up the steps.

My educarer is waiting for me – and so are my two other little buddies. I give my mummy a cuddle while she talks to my educarer and then I give her a kiss goodbye.

I go and find my favourite toys, they are tucked under the staircase but I know where everything is here, and I settle in to some serious play. The two other children that come here are great fun and I love hanging out with them.

We do lots of cool things here – we go on outings – last week we went to the pet shop, we visit other Stepping Stones houses and we visit our local park.

Today is my favourite though because we are off to the Stepping Stones Playgroup. We all hop in our educarer’s car and then off we go.

The playgroup is great because there are other children and their educarers and the My Treehut teacher is there – I know her really well because she comes to visit me at my Stepping Stones house. We do some singing, rolling and dancing with all of the other Stepping Stones kids and then we have some morning tea together and we have a play together – I love the blocks and the balls.

When we get home it is time for my lunch with all sorts of yummy healthy treats.

Now it is time for my nap – ahhh – just what I need, I bring my cuddly from home and I snuggle down in my cot. My educarer checks on me – I see her pop in and out but soon I am fast asleep.

When I wake up its afternoon tea time and then time for some more play. It is a lovely day today so we are outside among bubbles and playing in the water trough when my mum comes to pick me up.

We all play for a while and chat with my educarer to see how my day was. I am taking my Discovery Folder home today because it has a new learning story in there about me.

See you later everyone! I can’t wait to show my family what I have been up to!