Why Choose Stepping Stones

for your child’s home-based care?

Our latest addition to our My Treehut family is Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones is quality home based care founded on our My Treehut philosophy and values.

Catering for children aged 3 months to 5 years old, this service is primarily being offered for families with younger children who are waiting for a spot to open for them at My Treehut, it is also available for families who would like to combine their care – eg have 2 days in home based care and 3 days at My Treehut.

The educarers are selected based on their own philosophy fitting well with My Treehut’s values and vision and they will take an active role in your child’s education and care.

Stepping Stones children will regularly be involved in playgroups and outings and will also visit My Treehut for events and play dates, so that when their time to start at My Treehut comes around, they already feel at home with us. Stepping Stones will also access My Treehut’s quality resources and opportunities.


A Stepping Stones Home

What your child can expect…

Each Stepping Stones home is different but they all provide our children with wonderful opportunities to explore.

Stepping Stones provides resources and equipment for each home – many of our resources are multi dimensional and encourage creative play.

Our curriculum is based on the Te Whariki – the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. As part of our curriculum we will regularly be out and about exploring our local community. Stepping Stones Children will be continually encouraged to explore there surroundings and their ideas.