Our Day at The Cubby

What your child can expect

A day at The Cubby by a one year old…

I love arriving at the Cubby. My primary caregiver is there waiting for me. She is the teacher my mum or dad talk to when they drop me off and she is the teacher who knows me best. She helps when I am stuck and settles me to sleep.

My mum stays with me for a bit while I get stuck in and have a play. She loves making a cup of tea here and takes that with her in the car when she goes. I say hi to my other friends and teachers then I head off to play.

After a little while I hear the call for morning tea. Yummy! We sit together on the mat, sing our welcome song and say our karakia then we go and wash our hands before we eat together.

At the Cubby, I feel safe and happy to explore and to just be me. There’s a Cubby playhouse, a sandpit and lots of things that I can play and create with.

Our lunch arrives from Treehut – Lynda has cooked us a scrumptious homemade curry and rice. We all sit together and eat with our teachers as The Cubby family. Now it is time for my sleep. My primary caregiver comes with me to the sleep room and settles me to sleep with my snuggly from home.

When I awake I go into the Koha room for some quiet wake up time with a story and a snuggle on the beanbags. When I am ready I venture out to play some of my friends and have some more kai for an afternoon snack.

My dad is picking me up today. I am excited to show him my world at The Cubby.