The Cubby Way

The Cubby is our beautiful home, built for a family. And now it is part of our My Treehut family, ready for the littlest members of your family to come, grow, blossom and love.

Follow the tree lined path up and into our whanau room where the smells of home welcome you. You will hear the sound of laughter and see the beauty of the Cubby garden inviting you to come and explore.

Our youngest learners need consistency and predictability to be able to develop relationships and a sense of belonging so that they can be confident to grow and explore.

Our teachers eat with the children and take their breaks throughout the day as and when they can fit them in. This wonderful team is based on communication rather than rosters. Only the beginning and end of the day is rostered. This provides space for true relationships to form and for the team to grow and support one another.

You will need to change your children’s nappies or support other children as needed.


At The Cubby we truly value our families and we want to know what your child’s home experiences are, what you get up to and we love to hear about what you have been doing. These exchanges provide the basis of a strong reciprocal relationship. We want you to feel at home at The Cubby and we welcome your visits, calls and texts throughout the day.


We use Storypark for our most frequent communication. When your child begins we will send you a link to their Storypark. Each time a new story is posted to Storypark, you will receive an email notification. We will also post Community posts to Storypark, this may be about what has been happening at The Cubby, an upcoming event or anything else we need to share.

We use Facebook for more general sharing. We will not tag children, you are welcome to tag your own child but please don’t tag anyone else’s child.


Food is to be collected from Treehut and then served at the Cubby. The Cubby team prepare the fruit and vegetable snacks throughout the day, often with a biscuit or sandwich. Children at the Cubby are active and exploring – all of which is hungry work!

The teachers eat with the children, this provides calm, chatting and assisting if needed – like a family.

A well stocked fruit bowl is available for parents to grab a cuppa in their Cubby takeaway reusable cups and a piece of fruit to take on their way, or a cookie from the cookie jar. This is also available at the end of the day.

Discovery Folders

Your child’s learning will be documented in their Discovery Folder.  This is a beautiful book that your child can read, contribute to and share at home. Your child’s Discovery Folder is also available online on Storypark. This electronic form is a wonderful way for you to share with your family what your child has been up to. You are also able to contribute to your child’s learning stories. Your voice is an important part of your child’s learning. We love to hear our families’ voices in their child’s learning.